Saturday, June 8, 2013

Nesting Doll Pin cushions

Everyone loves a Russian doll and Andama Dujon has decided that her Nesting Russian dolls make beautiful one of a kind pin cushions. These are so stunning and so unusual that they deserve to be on  show.
 We are very pro active when it comes to up cycling and recycling so all of the beautiful fabrics use in the making of these soaps come from  antique table clothes, napkins, retro fabrics, table runners, doilies and much much more and we travel far and wide to source these amazing items.
We then add beautiful things and beads to really make these one of a kind soaps stand out and once again  everything is hand stitched to the beautiful fabrics.
To show how gorgeous these nesting dolls are we have taken some photos of them with our collectible teacup pin cushions all one of a kind Extraordinary Things created at EXTRAORDINARY THINGS AUSTRALIA  where the ordinary becomes EXTRAORDINARY.

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