Saturday, May 21, 2016

Bird in a doll cage

Bird in a doll cage
This is recycling at it's best and has been made using only recycled items from doll, cage to fabrics and cottons. Created by local Glen Innes artist Andama Dujon.

How we recycle a baby crib Now this is cute

How we recycle a baby crib Now this is cute

Monday, May 16, 2016

Lace storage

I know that I am unable to throw away even the smallest amount of lace as it is all gorgeous and can be used somewhere on something I am creating. Storage of lace is always an issue and being a user of it I do like to have it out  so I can see what I have on hand all the time.

I seem to collect dolls which are at garage sales and op shops and I use them for my lace lol

Childrens tea sets

What a great way to recycle those beautiful yet useless antique and vintage china coffee sets..
Make them into childrens tea sets. They look beautiful feel beautiful and make your childrens tea parties perfect.

I remember as a child I was so proud of my china tea set and took great care of it, there was no plastic for us lol

China for Mosaics

We keep and reuse all bone china making all the damaged pieces perfect for mosaics

Recycling at its best

Recycling gorgeous bone china

We love to recycle at the Knick Knackery and try to reuse and redo most things and china is no exception to that rule.
I also cringe when I break a cup or sauce especially one of my beautiful collectible bone china ones

We now sell these beautiful cups and saucers as mix and match sets which when put together look truly amazing and are an inexpensive way to have beautiful bone china duos for those afternoon and high teas