Friday, August 26, 2016

Pet Beds

These gorgeous one of a kind pet beds have been made at the Knick Knackery and ALL funds go to supporting the care of the animals housed at the Arch a locally owned and operated home for rescued animals, The inserts are new pillows however the covers have been made using upcycled fabrics and clothing. So gorgeous and what a great gift for your fur baby

work area

I have to admit that I love love craft of all kinds and I am even luckier to be able to create in the shop where I spend a great deal of my time

this is my work area

I get to look out over the shop and the street while I work, it is magic

Screen Door

Screen door. I had this gorgeous screen door custom made using recycled materials and I have to thank Steve from Bolivia for the AMAZING job he did. Thank you Thank you thank you

Knick Knackery August 2016

Knick Knackery also the home of Reborn dolls Australia 58 Wentworth St Glen Innes NSW